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    I can't find my redeem key

    If you have checked the above note and still don't have the key, your best bet is to send an email to customer support. They will sort it out quite quickly.
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    Please fix the giveaway system

    Automatic feedback wil be provided in about 3 days after the giveaway ended. You will get feedback +ve or -ve so don't worry.
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    Can you un-enter giveaways?

    It used to work but I guess it does not now. Another thing on the indiegala site that is broken. :(
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    Can you un-enter giveaways?

    Once entered, you cannot undo it so if you do win, give the game away to a friend as Christina above mentionned. With regards to the winning games you own, there is an option to hide games that are in your steam library so click on that option in giveaway page (its above the option where you can...
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    Game Status Stuck as "Giv or trade in progress..."

    This happens a lot with certain games. E-mail support to unlock the key. Do NOT make a new giveaway without revealing the key first then adding it manually into the correct section when making a new giveaway or the same thing will happen again. Hope this helps!
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    giveaway help

    You only gain xp when you get positive feedback as valike above has mentioned. People that don't give feedback in 2-3 days or so , the system will automatically provide feedback and you will get your xp then so you may have to wait a few days if the person that won is not giving you feedback...
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    Report Giveaways Here

    Try e-mail customer support. As its a guaranteed key, they maybe able to get you a replacement.
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    purchased bundle not showing up in profile

    Please e-mail support ( as there is not much anyone on the forum can do.
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    Report Giveaways Here

    Thank you attic for recommending me to volunteer but its not something I have time for currently. This issue is not something that is on top of their list of things to do and I suspect it is a very low priority for them. With the number of people complaining about getting games they paid money...
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    Indiegala Sketchiness!!!

    This is something you need to address with support as there is not much people on the forum can do to help your case. Unfortunately, it does seem to happen to quite a few people on IG and this is disappointing. This issue seems to be occurring a lot and its one of the reasons why I don't buy AAA...
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    Cant create giveaway for DiRT Rally, max number of giveaways?

    Some games have been given away from sites like humble bundle, fanatical etc and have been banned from people flooding the site with these keys such as Dirt Rally. Maximum are usually 3 per day of games irrespective of level but some people can glitch the system and make more in specific...
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    Japanese Indies Bundle - Did not get all my games.

    E-mail support as there is not much anyone on the forums can help with this issue unless one of the customer support people come onto the forum.
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    Report Giveaways Here

    This is a well know steam API bug with Daedelic games. Whenever the Gigantic Bundle is at 90% discount, its price after discount is applied to all the apps in the package. It's a Steam API bug, you can see how the price is applied if you search on Steam for one of the package items. The price on...
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    Failure to recieve key.

    You need to email support as this is not a place where anyone can really help you. Best of luck and the support team usually respond quite quickly.