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  1. steveywonder75

    Company of Heroes 2 master collection

    Where are all these new giveaways coming from. I know humble bundle is giving away CoH2. Is there somewhere selling them cheap? i'm interested in buying a copy myself.
  2. steveywonder75

    Does giveaway blacklist apply to auctions as well?

    As the title suggests, if you have been blacklisted, does this apply to auctions as well as giveaways? I am just curious rather than asking for any specific reason.
  3. steveywonder75

    Sorry your level il is too low.

    Anyone else having this bug, where i try to enter a giveaway which is a level zero giveaway in this case and the response is "sorry your level il too low". (correect spelling) I'm level seven so i'm pretty sure my level is not too low. It only happens a on a few giveaways here and there so not...
  4. steveywonder75

    New Bundle page bugjQuery111201645334175983335_1487190414084

    I'm trying to log onto the new bundle page via microsoft edge (e.g. chaos bundle), and when i click on it the page gets stuck loading and it tries to keep reloading without showing me the games available. The rest of the website is fine but just this page for some problem. I'm using google...
  5. steveywonder75

    Steel & steam Episode 1

    Is there any reason why i can give this game away as a non guaranteed game but when i try to give it away as a guaranteed game all i get is the retry button?
  6. steveywonder75

    giveaway feedback

    Does anyone know how long it takes for feedback to be given by indiegala automatically if a person hasn't entered feedback for a game which they have won?
  7. steveywonder75

    Cannot check giveaways completed

    I'm having troubles checking giveaways that have been completed. When i click on the completed option in the giveaways setion, its has the loading screen bit (circle thing) that comes up next to the completed bar but the actual list of completed giveaways does not come up. Seems like its stuck...