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  1. oliveiracardoso

    Games for trade

    Don´t add me to steam, I will only make the trade here in indiegala. Steam: I want this games: - Dark Souls III - Dead Rising 3 - Double Cross - Forgotton Anne - Graveyard Keeper - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Hyper Light Drifter - Inside -...
  2. oliveiracardoso

    Scammers (Trade Sector)

    It has been a long time, that Indiegala is infested with scammers and the site needs to take some action to solve this. I never fall for these scammers, but I get a lot of offers in my trades and after a few days I see in their profile ... that they deceived some users. My suggestion is: - New...
  3. oliveiracardoso

    GalaSilver recharge

    My account is not doing any more GalaSilver recharge. This has been happening since 19/09 and since then I have not received my 240 IC free. I had 959 IC, when it started ... and I am currently with 575 IC. I sent several emails to Indiegala support, but there was no response. Has anyone had...