A few issues found while playing


New member
Good morning,
I have been playing for about a week now and would like to break down some issues I have run into in my experience.
1. Sometimes items disappear when changing. Example, cooking raw meat, sometimes does not yield cooked meat
2. Animation runs, but action does not take place. If attempting an action within 2 seconds of completing previous (maybe a bit less) it will go through animation, but not complete action
3. Not really an issue error wise, but no one is ever online in farmers board, perhaps allowing friends list connections or something that are always active.

I have been enjoying the game so far, but I feel that the beginning is really slow. After you finish the few quests that it starts you with, you are basically aimless to wander around saving up for a house. Hunting, collecting, and farming quests with small gold rewards could really encourage these activities, and help with the slog. Also, perhaps adding fur to animal drops and making a very low tier armor set could help add some spice too. Thanks for the work, guys, and good luck in the future