Official Feudalife CHALLENGE feedback Thread

Ratha Wynter

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Today it seems that at least some of the challenges have had their difficulty increased, along with the max malus cap being raised to 20.

Game order:
Archers:.... 9 > 10 - Possible @.. 9s malus - (Impossible @ 18 / #10 never spawns. Likely impossible @ 15 / last archer spawns with 1s on timer.)
Saplings: 36 > 38 - Possible @.. 6s malus - (Needs additional testing @ 9s - Should be possible.)
Hoeing:... ?? > 58 - Possible @ 18s malus
Chopping: 8 = ..8 - Possible @ 12s malus - (Needs good layout / 1-3 space wasted movement, no missed swings, 0.5 to 1.5 seconds to spare.)
Sickling:... ?? > 60 - Possible @.. 9s malus - (Needs additional testing @ 12s with swing+move method.)
Mining:... 12 > 13 - Possible @ 15s malus
Watering 16 = 16 - Possible @ 15s malus - (Needs additional testing @ 18s)

So i think at some point the question needs to be asked: At what malus are the games no longer possible to complete? And perhaps more importantly, at what malus are the games designed to be impossible to complete? I would be shocked if anyone said that all 7 games could be completed given any random layout, in a reliable manner with a 15 second malus. Assuming that 15 is the maximum malus games can be completed on (and I believe many of them cannot be) here is what the breakdown would look like on keys won per day.

EDIT: 2019-12-05 - At the time of writing the following two tables assumed that the max malus a game can be completed on was 15. Hoeing is confirmed possible at 18. The values below have not been updated to reflect this as it would require failing multiple games in order to land on hoeing after successful completion of Mining / Watering @ 15. This would lead to inconsistent silver values for the purposes of reducing malus.

1 malus per win = 16 wins = 16 malus - (Wins at 0-15 malus.)
2 malus per win = ..8 wins = 16 malus - (Wins at 0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14) We assume 16 malus cant result in a win, except maybe for hoeing.)
3 malus per win = ..6 wins = 18 malus - (Wins at 0,3,6,9,12,15) After 6 wins i have 18 malus. Only hoeing seems to be doable @ 18.
4 malus per win = ..4 wins = 16 malus - (Wins at 0,4,8,12) We assume most games cannot be completed with 16 malus.
5 malus per win = ..4 wins = 20 malus - (Wins at 0,5,10,15)

Using the above info, if you consider the cost of 50 silver to reduce 1 point of malus, this is what wins per day should be if you play -perfectly-
Person #1 could earn 16+1 keys per day. 160s for 16 wins + 50 to reduce 1 malus + 10 for 1 key = 17 keys, 220 silver spent. Ending malus = 16
Person #2 could earn 8+1 keys per day...... 80s for 8 wins + 150 to reduce 3 malus + 10 for 1 key = 9 keys, 240 silver spent. Ending malus = 15*
Person #3 could earn 6+1 keys per day...... 60s for 6 wins + 150 to reduce 3 malus + 10 for 1 key = 7 keys, 220 silver spent. Ending malus = 18
Person #4 could earn 4+1 keys per day...... 40s for 4 wins + 150 to reduce 3 malus + 10 for 1 key = 5 keys, 200 silver spent. Ending malus = 17
Person #5 could earn 4 .... keys per day...... 40s for 4 wins + 200 to reduce 4 malus.............................. = 4 keys, 240 silver spent. Ending malus = 16

*Person #2 could earn their 10th key by waiting an hour and doing 1 more game while their malus is at 15, if they happened to land on the perfect game. As i will reasonably establish below, most games likely cannot be completed with a 15 malus.

If we assume that 15 is the maximum malus where any key can be earned, this table suggests that person #1, #2, and #4 can earn one extra key per day by spending 50 silver. Person #3 needs to spend 150 silver to earn 1 extra key, and person #5 gets no benefit at all by spending silver. Again this is again assuming that every game played is a game that is possible to be won, which i do not believe is the case. When you factor in possibility for error, in some cases you wont even have the silver to spend to earn that extra game.

In general, spending silver to reduce malus at a cost of 50 silver per spend will only really help the players that can play perfectly, or the players who are absolutely terrible at the game and need that extra 1-3 seconds just to get their ~4 keys.

Its clear that people who support IG, by buying from the shop and buying the bundles can win more keys, and thats probably how it should be. However I do not feel that the malus penalty is the ideal system. It over-complicates the game and introduces a lot of problems not only gameplay wise, but code-wise as we've seen over the last week. My thoughts on this are that it would be much more simple, and perhaps more fair to simply cap the number of keys that can be won per day, per level of 'IG supporter' Limiting the wins per day would also potentially help to reduce other types of abuses of the system as well. But even then a 'max per supporter level' could still be abused with various kinds of fraudulent activities.

Is 15 second malus the maximum difficulty a game can be completed on?

To the best of my knowledge, as of 24 hours ago there were only 3 games that could be completed with a 15 second malus: Mining, Hoeing, and Watering. Mining seemed only possible to complete if you have all your rocks grouped together, difficulty has been increased since then. Watering took extreme precision and as far as i could tell you couldnt make any mistakes, no change in difficulty. Hoeing seemed doable, though its very buggy, i think difficulty was raised on this task as well.

Here are some time-per-task analysis I did while recording @ 10fps video to determine possibility of completing tasks with 15 second malus:

Archers: 10 required. 2-3 hits to kill. Unpredictable spawning/movement/stunlocking. (20hp. 7, 8, 10, and 12 damage hits recorded)
Today with 15 second malus, #10 archer spawns with less than 1 second on the clock. Not enough time to kill, let alone walk over to.)
Yesterday with 12 second malus, #9 archer spawned with ~ 1 second on the clock.

Picking Saplings: 38 required. 1 second to pick.
Saplings take one second to pick each. You need 38, leaving only 7 seconds to cross the entire field with a 15 second malus. My fastest time to pick 3 saplings when i barely had to move at all (all in a cluster) resulted in picking 3 in 3.5 seconds and leaving none within reach. 3.5/3=1.166 seconds at near maximum theoretical picking rate (with nearly zero travel time.) 38 * 1.166 = 44.3 seconds. So in order to win the game with 15 second malus you would need to pick a 'safe' plant while only moving for 160 milliseconds between each pick. I dont think this would be doable even if there were no black trees on the field at a 15 second malus.

Hoeing: 58 required. Targeting and actions highly unpredictable. (Typically while moving, but sometimes even when standing still)
Game is possible with 18 second malus. Cursor / strike position is too buggy / desyncs too often to bother running average calculations. Often the tile you have highlighted isnt the tile that gets interacted with. Sometimes it makes a grass cutting noise but does not cut any grass, sometimes it makes a hoeing noise and animation but does not hoe any dirt. Sometimes trying to hoe dirt results in hoeing a grass tile straight to tilled soil in one hit. (Have video recorded of these issues.)

Chopping Trees: 8 required. 5.5 seconds to chop small tree. (From first recorded frame of animation > counter incrementing)
8 * 5.5 = 44 seconds. Meaning that to complete this game with 15 second malus you would need to walk for no more than 1 second for the entire game. It takes ~500ms to walk from the starting spot to where the first tree is standing at max chopping distance. (Chosen tree was offset to the right by 1, time to reach the tree straight south might only be ~375ms). I do not believe this task to be possible to complete with 15 seconds malus.

Sickling: 60 required.
Max i have scored with a 12 malus is 58+1/2 with no misses. Might be possible with slight movement optimization. If anyone has managed to do this with 15 second malus, would be nice to know.

Mining Rocks: 13 required. 3.2 seconds to mine brown rock. (From first recorded frame of animation > counter incrementing)
This one is doable at 15 but requires an excellent grouping of stones with very little movement. 13*3.2 = 41.6 seconds. Leaving a total of ~3.4 seconds worth of time to move at 15 second malus.

Watering Beans: 16 required. Some timing / hit detection issues.
This game is possible with a 15 second Malus, but have not managed to do it myself due to targeting glitches / animation and sound playing but dry tile not being watered. Has similar hit detection issues to soil hoeing game, though typically in the player's favor in this game.


This post is sizable and may contain occasional errors, hopefully it does the job of outlining the sorts of things it was meant to however, and with a bit of luck maybe some of you find it useful.
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Nobody Really

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Completion for me relies on what challenge I end up getting. Archers is the worst, as they each require three hits and run off every time you get close. The lack of an ability to see what the keys offer is also annoying, as many prizes I would almost rather they not end up on my account, for example "Pink Rage Otome". Grand.


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Hi everyone.

We monitored the past night and So far So good. No significant hiccups detected.
( Apart from some duplicate in old game keys. Actually the chance to get a duplicate is roughly 8 percent )

Thank you everyone for your feedback.

We have some interesting internal stats.

We saw dozens of people that won over 50 keys in the past 30 days of beta test complaining respectively:
- about few duplicated ones. ( Less than 5 percent according their stats )
- asking for silver refund after a bug occurred.
- complaining about the games they got.
- complaining malus being 'unfair'.
- challenges 'too few or boring'
- why these challenges? Just send us free games!
The interesting thing is that these people ( at least on the accounts we monitored ) have no single bundle or store purchases.
We like to think that most of their accounts were created just for the challenges/giveaway , but half of them were not.

On the other hand, we have hundreds of happy customers that wrote us to support or on facebook praising challenges and thanking us for gift received.
Those people are the vast majority and usually won no more than 8-10 keys but most of times even just 1 or 2 each.
Those people are also the ones that play with oldest accounts and quite often make purchases.

We remind you that the whole purpouse if this game is:
1. to have fun (in the first place),
2. to kill time,
3. distribute tiny prizes ( with small chance to get a good/big one they are around ten percent of total ).
4. reward loyal customers.

We think now we made a good compromise for all with handicap system as it is.

To make things more fun and encourage people to share the love, we will introduce a modification that removes one second malus for every giveaway created in the past 24 hours.


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Looks more like a bug or some visual glitch.
Because is unlikely that you can take a screenshot at zero secs without the popup that shows up at the end.
There was no pop-up in both cases. There was a corresponding sound and that's all. There were no winning letters too.
I also had something like this happen to me yesterday, I beat the challenge requirements, heard the win sound and no victory popup for about 3-5 seconds, but it did appear so just wait for it to show if you hear the sound.


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Now here's feedback from this challenge run:

  • 0 malus Archers 10/10;
  • 3 malus Saplings, again enough good saplings 39/38;
  • 6 malus Hoeing 59/58;
  • 9 malus Trees 7/8, fail.... even got a good streak of trees and only missed once, but barely managed to cut the 7th tree;
  • 9 malus Sickling , didn't even bother checking final count;
  • 9 malus Mining 13/13, got them all in a bunch;
  • 12 malus Watering 14/16, didn't even miss;
  • 12 malus Archers 9/10, the last archer appeared on the right side when I was on the left just killing the 9th, if it came from the left too I'd have won;
  • 12 malus Saplings 36/38, not much to say other than the possibility of it being completable if the layout of good saplings didn't have a full line of bad ones separating them:mad:;
  • 12 malus Hoeing 58/58, even missed 4 hits.
Games Won (in order):
  1. Pink Rage Otome
  2. Ion Assault
  3. Pink Rage Otome
  4. Jets'n'Guns Gold
  5. Pink Rage Otome


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I also had something like this happen to me yesterday, I beat the challenge requirements, heard the win sound and no victory popup for about 3-5 seconds, but it did appear so just wait for it to show if you hear the sound.
Thank you, but I'm afraid I would have to wait forever.


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Today, the malus was removed entirely way before its time. I won the last key yesterday at 17:57 GMT and played the first challenge (already without any malus) at 16:20 GMT.
Also, for some reason, there was a bug on the first challenge - the king's notice did not appear, neither immediately nor a minute later. But this happened only on the first challenge.

Apart from that I'd like to share my, umm... homerun in the hoeing challenge at 9s malus:
Screenshot (852).png
This one launched my confidence into another dimension and fueled my hopes for an 18s malus win...

I proved capable of cutting 7 trees and 51 patches of grass within 48 seconds in the meantime (on the other hand I always fail miserably at cutting 60 in 60 - so there's that...).

...and I even had a 42s hoeing victory at my fingertips - but lost it because my mouse pointer was outside the game window for a split second. :p One might be asking: why don't you play in fullscreen mode? I honestly do not know.
Screenshot (855).png

Air Conflicts: Secret War
M.U.D. TV Retail
The Great Art Race
Pink Rage Otome * 7
Sacred Gold Comp (already used)

All in all, I'm quite happy to see some personal improvement and am looking forward to winning enough Feudalife Gold to buy the house blueprint once again because it was lost last time due to some corruption.😕
Thanks for the challenges, Indiegala, and thanks for the keys!
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won 6/7 in challanges, goted only the gold for the one that I lost, for 6 others no random keys at all. Emailed the support hopefully they'll figure out what went wrong. Luckly I have the king notice to actually show that I have won them.


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Where do you see the keys though? I can't find them on my profile...
Go to the store page. Click on the triangle to the side of your username and open "My Profile". On the new page, click on Bundles Library - Indiegala Giveaways - Gameplay Giveaway. This is where the Challenge keys are.


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Well I completed 2 challenges successfully today and got that little "Astonishing, you won a key, go to your profile etc" message, but I never received any e-mail or keys on my profile. Has anyone else had this problem?
You are the third person.